Digital Encyclopedia of Plato



The Encyclopedia is currently in the process of recovering its content after a cyber-attack. The Foundation of the Hellenic World participated in creating the content for Plato's Encyclopedia and, for a specific period of time, was responsible for updating the content of the website for a specific period of time from the start of the project until 2015.

However, the creation, hosting and maintenance of this website was not our own responsibility but the responsibility of another company, which, since 2018, no longer exists.

Due to insufficient maintenance of the website by this company, the website unfortunately suffered multiple cyber-attacks and stopped working.

The Foundation of the Hellenic World creates educational content and websites, which have been functioning smoothly since 1995. As this is our own content, we have intensified our efforts to recover the website and host it ourselves on our secure webservers.

Our goal is to complete the process as soon as possible, and at the same time, entries will be posted on temporary pages until the restoration of the website. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact time that this task will require.

Thank you for your understanding.

Digital Encyclopedia of Plato